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Result from one voter
Key - Excellent: 5 points; Very Good: 4 points; Good: 3 points; Average: 2 points; Poor: 1 points; (Average points in brackets)
(1) Helix Nebula NGC7293 - 1 voter (5.00) BAR
(2) 20070901 NGC6341/M42 - 1 voter (5.00) BAR
(3) Western Veil nebula NGC6960 - 1 voter (5.00) BAR
M13 (Hercules cluster) 5-6-2010
[640x431] [1200x809]
M13 (Hercules cluster) 5-6-2010 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 1191 times.

Hamburger galaxy (NGC3628) 5-4-2010
[640x431] [1200x809]
Hamburger galaxy (NGC3628) 5-4-2010 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 2130 times.

Whale galaxy | NGC 4631
[640x431] [1200x809]
Whale galaxy | NGC 4631
4-30-2010 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 1209 times.

NGC 6166
[640x501] [717x561]
NGC 6166 - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 2118 times.

[640x424] [800x530]
20080524-M108-NGC3556 - Erika Rix (Erix)
Viewed: 1620 times.

[640x426] [800x532]
20080524-M97-Owl-Nebula-NGC - Erika Rix (Erix)
Viewed: 1440 times.

[640x486] [800x608]
NGC6503-20070811 - Erika Rix (Erix)
Viewed: 1491 times.

NGC5907-20070811 - Erika Rix (Erix)
Viewed: 1366 times.

[576x640] [600x667]
M92---NGC-6341-20070901 - Erika Rix (Erix)
Viewed: 1458 times.

[640x494] [800x617]
Double-cluster-20070913 - Erika Rix (Erix)
Viewed: 1383 times.

[566x640] [692x783]
Collinder-399-20070929 - Erika Rix (Erix)
Viewed: 1378 times.

[640x470] [740x544]
NGC4565 - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 1461 times.

M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy
[640x473] [711x526]
M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 1657 times.

NGC4631 The Whale Galaxy
[640x471] [735x541]
NGC4631 The Whale Galaxy - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 1504 times.

open cluster NGC1245
[640x489] [1242x949]
open cluster NGC1245 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 2031 times.

Triangulum galaxy M33
[640x431] [1500x1011]
Triangulum galaxy M33 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 2007 times.

Heart nebula IC1805
[640x427] [1500x1000]
Heart nebula IC1805 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 4311 times.

Crescent Nebula  (NGC6888)
[640x486] [745x566]
Crescent Nebula (NGC6888) - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 2267 times.

The Elephant's Trunk
[640x474] [734x544]
The Elephant's Trunk - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 1926 times.

North America nebula (NGC7000) and Pelican nebula
[640x427] [1500x1000]
North America nebula (NGC7000) and Pelican nebula - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 2341 times.

Andromeda galaxy M31
[640x427] [1500x1000]
Andromeda galaxy M31 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 2010 times.

Crescent Nebula NCG6888
[640x436] [1240x844]
Crescent Nebula NCG6888 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 2437 times.

planetary nebula M27 narrowband
[640x438] [1200x821]
planetary nebula M27 narrowband - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 2381 times.

M16 The Eagle Nebula (Hydrogen Alpha)
[640x488] [743x567]
M16 The Eagle Nebula (Hydrogen Alpha) - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 1914 times.

NGC2264 Christmas Tree Nebula
[640x427] [2000x1333]
NGC2264 Christmas Tree Nebula - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 1863 times.

Galaxies M81 and M82
[640x427] [2000x1333]
Galaxies M81 and M82 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 1832 times.

Horsehead Nebula (IC434)
[493x640] [569x739]
Horsehead Nebula (IC434) - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 2093 times.

NGC2359 'Thor's Helmet'
[640x473] [699x517]
NGC2359 'Thor's Helmet' - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 2056 times.

NGC2359 Thor's Helmet Hydrogen Alpha (HA).
[640x487] [740x563]
NGC2359 Thor's Helmet Hydrogen Alpha (HA). - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 1989 times.

M45, the Pleiades
[640x445] [1200x835]
M45, the Pleiades

- John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 2165 times.

Animation of some of my favorite images
[640x433] [700x473]
Animation of some of my favorite images - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 3093 times.

Horsehead Nebula B33
[640x431] [1200x809]
Horsehead Nebula B33 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 2135 times.

[640x493] [721x555]
NGC7331 - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 1947 times.

comet 17P/Holmes
[640x518] [800x648]
comet 17P/Holmes - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 2328 times.

Stephan's Quintet
[640x467] [713x520]
Stephan's Quintet
- Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 1983 times.

The Bubble Nebula - NGC7635
[640x487] [714x543]
The Bubble Nebula - NGC7635 - Paul Rix (PaulRix)
Viewed: 2431 times.

20070929 Collinder 399
[566x640] [692x783]
20070929 Collinder 399 - Erika Rix (Erix)
Viewed: 1961 times.

Western Veil nebula NGC6960
[640x431] [1200x809]
Western Veil nebula NGC6960 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Viewed: 1982 times.

Helix Nebula NGC7293
[640x431] [1200x809]
Helix Nebula NGC7293 - John Crilly (jrcrilly)
Last comment 09/03/2007.
Viewed: 2677 times.

20070901 NGC6341/M42
[576x640] [600x667]
20070901 NGC6341/M42 - Erika Rix (Erix)
Viewed: 1921 times.

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