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Our Purpose / Goal

 Our Purpose / Goal is a simple one, to educate and inform the latest in science and technological research through complete dissemination.

Too often the research that is published in “for profit” news agencies are watered down to save or make room for their main goal, profit through advertising. One must hurdle through the maze of advertising to reach the end of an article. Their goal is to pull you away from what your objective was, being educated and informed... and to forward you to a profit making ad.

With this lack of fully intended information from the source, one can not only lose valuable details, but can and do on a daily basis make critical decisions based on what one thought they had learned.

Science news agencies should have an obligation to present the information complete and intact as the originated source had intended. The writers for the information released usually work closely with or are part of the research. Their insight and personal contact can not be duplicated, they are on the “Scientific Frontline” of the research. They deserve the respect to have their press release kept intact.

Science news reporting has become a “fast food” service, and we intend to remain a “gourmet restaurant.”

Some of this has to do with what started out to be a marvelous service, social bookmarking. Yet this has become a quality devastating game of finding what looks and sounds interesting first to score points with members. News agencies have locked in on this concept for gaining traffic.

So in order to compete, they cut the articles to serve it up fast in hopes of pulling in traffic and advertising dollars. Science reporting shouldn't be a part of this game, or better yet those that participate in these social bookmarking sites should demand quality before speed. They actually could change the face of news sites... they have that much influence on traffic.

We at Scientific Frontline® on a daily basis make contact with researchers to collect the latest information available, clarify any conflicts of information, and gather more information that may be open to public disclosure.

Our dissemination of research, and scientific information remains complete... other than minor editing with additional information and improved presentation for ease of reading and navigation, what's presented is “complete, accurate, and up to date.”

We may not have it all, but what we do offer... is just simply done right!

Our funding is supplied by donations from our readers. We had made that promise from the beginning to our readers regarding advertising and have maintained steadfast. (Note: On March 03, 2008 Scientific Frontline achieved another goal, and in returned honored a promise to our readers. We pulled all advirtising.)

Heidi-Ann Fourkiller
Scientific Frontline®
SFL ORG. Educational News Network

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